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Night of Worship
August 2, 2024
DeSoto Hills

Mission and Purpose

Mission: A ministry for women supporting each other in Christ’s love & growing our faith in God together through fellowship & outreach.

Purpose: We help women fulfill their biblical purpose of loving Jesus, making deep friendships with other Christians, and serving the world in Christ's name. We as a body of Christ are all connected. We want to connect to you and get to know you at a different level, something more than just acquaintances. It is God’s plan that the church be built on relationships. God loves variety. He made us all unique through our differences. Of course all ministries must be centered on God’s Word and our relationship to the God of the Word. Spiritual growth must always be our ultimate goal. We pray for a balance between growth and service opportunities available to all ladies of the church. One of our objectives as a team is to uncover your needs and desires. We want your ideas for moving forward. There is something for everyone and we want to help identify what really peaks your interest.

Women’s Ministry Team