I know that as local churches begin to announce and implement their strategies for returning to on campus services, there is heightened interest in what is being planned for DeSoto Hills. 


We are working on a plan to open our facilities for adult Sunday School classes to start meeting as early as May 31.  Should your class choose to do so, they would have a designated time slot to meet each week.  In this gradual return we will be limiting this to one class on campus at a time, perhaps with the exception of those who might choose to meet in the pavilion.  Younger adult classes may need to let the men and women take turns meeting every other week since the nursery and children’s classes will not yet be available. 


We know this is not ideal, but it does offer our small groups an opportunity to gather.  Some of you may decide that continuing to meet through Zoom or some type of webcast is the best option for your class.  


There are many factors that must be considered as to when we can resume our corporate worship services.   First and foremost is how do we “socially distance” once we return?  Honestly, we simply can’t do that very effectively. 


Many churches that are gathering sooner rather than later are doing so by limiting the number that may attend.  While I respect their decision, I do not want to open our doors until we can welcome everyone back.  I know that some may choose not to return immediately, but I want to reopen with as few limitations as possible.


However, some restrictions will be necessary. 

During our first phase:

  • Sunday morning worship services will meet at both 9:00 and 10:30 with no Sunday School. The MPC will be disinfected between services to help ensure the safety of those attending.
  • No childcare will be available initially, but all family members are welcome in the worship service.   We will continue to monitor the situation and open the preschool area as soon as possible.  As always, the safety of our children and workers is a top priority.
  • Family reunion will be discontinued for now.   
  • Coffee areas will be closed, water fountains will be disabled, and food items will not be allowed.
  • To help restrict contact, worship guides will not be produced and offering plates will not be passed.  An order of worship for the day will be available online and additional offering boxes will be placed throughout the building.                                   

Although we do have a target date for returning, I do not want to announce that prematurely, so please be patient and stay tuned.  I hope to see you back here soon. 


Much love,

Bro. James