Unfortunately, the concept of quarantine has become an all too familiar reality for many of us.  Several weeks ago, our household experienced it when two of our grands tested positive for Covid, and two others were exposed while playing with a neighbor.  Therefore, they all ended up out of school and in isolation.  

Our weekly family gathering was put on hold as we fervently prayed that the infected would have a mild case and those exposed would avoid the virus altogether.  Happily, both of those things happened.  

After almost two weeks of being separated, everyone gathered at our house to have a “Comin’ out party”!  (That’s coming out of quarantine.)  ☺  

Kathy and I decided to fix everyone’s favorite meal, a very labor intensive task, but always worth it.  I can’t describe how awesome it was to have them all back together again under one roof.  The grands were elated to see one another, and the grown-up kids got busy catching up on events.  

The meal was a hit, and I said a silent prayer of gratitude for my family at the end of the evening.  They had missed being together, and that is exactly how it ought to be.  

Likewise, I am always glad when the church family is together.  Please know that if you are still in isolation from church because of Covid or other health issues, you are MISSED!  I’m praying for the day when we are all united back together here or eventually, one day, there.


            “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you…”

                                                            Philippians 1:3

Much love,

Bro. James