The Shepherd’s Nook,


One business that has certainly continued to flourish during these unprecedented days has been the shipping industry.  More and more people are finding out how convenient and safe online purchasing can be.  While this is certainly not a new trend, it has become accelerated during these unusual days.  


While we certainly still want to support local businesses, I am amazed at how fast some companies get your orders to you.  Likewise, I am frustrated how long it seems to take others.  


I was recently trying to track a package and had signed up to get updates.  My email began to light up with messages telling me the item would arrive on July 6.  On that day, I got another message telling me that the order would be delayed.  After that, the messages were less frequent and very vague.  Over a week later, I had frankly given up- speculating that the package had been misplaced.  Then to my surprise, I got an email informing me that the item was in Memphis and out for delivery.  It showed up the following day.  


The truth is that sometimes vendors and the people they rely on to get the stuff to you make promises they end up not being able to keep.  Why?  Because things can happen that are out of their control.  


The only one who can really, positively guarantee that what He says will absolutely happen is the Lord Himself.  Why? Because nothing is beyond His control.  That is why we need to place our faith in Him and Him alone.

            “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever”

                                                                        Psalm 136:1


Standing on the promises,

James Lewis