The Shepherd’s Nook,


Kathy and I recently rode the train with some friends from Memphis to New Orleans.   It was a new and enjoyable experience if you’re not in a hurry.  As you can imagine, you stop quite often to let off or pick up more passengers.   For someone always on the go and in a rush to get from point A to B, the slowdown was good for my soul.  

Once we reached our destination, we spent a couple of days in the Crescent City touring and eating and eating and eating.  You get my drift.  The most moving part of the trip was the WWII museum.  

The only real glitch came when we started getting news of an upcoming rail workers’ strike which, if not averted, was to start on Friday, the day we were heading home.  I can’t say it spoiled my trip, but it was always in the back of my mind.  We talked about it with our traveling companions and came up with several options should the train home not be available.  Amtrak was not necessarily part of the strike, but the freight lines operate the rail system, so service would definitely be affected.  

We breathed a sigh of relief when the news agency reported that a tentative agreement had been reached and hopefully a strike would be averted.   It was reason for rejoicing when at last we boarded our train and departed right on time heading north.  It was a reminder that having a ticket does not necessarily mean you will get home.  


It is, however, good to know that our ticket to heaven has been paid for and is guaranteed to get us there one day right on time.

Bro. James