After a year-long self-imposed exile due to Covid-19, I started back to the fitness center a few weeks ago.  Like so many other places, it was required to shut down during the early days of the pandemic.  Even after they were able to reopen, I didn’t feel comfortable returning immediately.  I did try to keep fit by biking, walking outdoors, and during the cold winter months, even sprinting through the halls of the church during the wee hours of the morning.   


While all of that kept me going, I did miss the consistency, the accountability, and quite frankly, the camaraderie of being at the gym with other early morning exercise enthusiasts.  Well, maybe “enthusiast” is being a little too generous.  Some mornings we are just there. 


Now that I am fully vaccinated, I am getting back into the swing of things at the gym and grateful for at least a little more normality in my life.  


I am glad that we had things in place here at the church to keep us going through the darkest days of the pandemic.  However, I am so thankful we are cautiously moving towards a more familiar and routine schedule every day.   I have heard from many of you who are excited for the opportunity to be back to services in person.  Streaming is good, and we will continue to offer it for those who simply can’t be here for now, but there is something so right about being here in the flesh.


The tie that binds,

Bro. James