The Shepherd’s Nook,


Well, we are back to making hospital visits… sort of.  One major change that came about due to concerns over Covid-19 was the total shut down of visitors having access to medical facilities.  That policy included family members as well as clergy.  I tried to stay connected through calls and texts as best I could.  


Thankfully the rules have slightly lifted, especially when it comes to family members.    Clergy have also been granted some access once again. However, I am discovering that this access differs from system to system, hospital to hospital, and even among personnel within the same hospital!   


Here’s the bottom line.   If you are admitted to the hospital, we may or may not be able to visit you.   It all depends on your location and the circumstances at the time.  Frankly, I’m not sure any of us will have the freedom to visit as we once did.   However, limited access is better than no access at all.


Much love,



Bro. James