The Shepherd’s Nook,


For years now, I have been reminding visitors, as well as new members, that Sunday School (small group time) is an intricate and imperative aspect of life at DeSoto Hills.  This is why our comeback's first phase, planned back in May, involved bringing adult classes back into our facility at different times throughout the week.  I am happy to say that on October 25, we are anticipating moving into Phase IV of this plan, when all of our classes will be meeting at their regular times on Sunday morning.  


Throughout this long pandemic, I have periodically walked through our educational spaces praying for the day when those empty classrooms could once again be filled with folks eager to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe that day has arrived.  I hope to see you on the 25th.


Along those lines, let me give you some more dates to save for some upcoming special moments at DHBC.  On Sunday, November 1, I have asked Dr. Lee Brand, Jr., to share a word with us.  Dr. Brand is Vice President and Dean of

Mid- America Seminary.  He and Tiffany and their children are faithful members of the DeSoto Hills family. I’m looking forward to hearing from him. 


On Monday, November 2, we will be hosting a Day of Prayer prior to the election.  The building will be open from 7 am to 7 pm for a come and go opportunity to pray specifically for our nation.  We may not agree on a politician or policy, but we should agree that our nation needs much PRAYER.


We are also excited to announce that Mark Schultz will be with us on Sunday morning, December 13.  This gifted singer/songwriter will bless you.  Then on January 3, 2021, we will have the opportunity to start the “New Year with an Old Friend” as we welcome Dr. Jim Futral back to DHBC. 


Exciting times ahead,

Bro. James