For years now, the month of February has been a time we highlight the need for personal evangelism aka Project Andrew.  It is based on Andrew’s encounter with Jesus and, subsequently, his involvement in bringing his brother to the Light.

“He (Andrew) found his own brother Simon and said to him, ‘We have found the Messiah (which means Christ.)  He brought him to Jesus.”

                                                                                    John 1:41-42a

We will kick the month off hearing from Brian Hood, a church planter in DeSoto County.  We are providing some support for Brian as he seeks to reach the unchurched in the Hernando area.  I am impressed by his burden, commitment, and humility and look forward to hearing from him.  


This year through this annual emphasis, we ask you to pray for and focus on your neighbors.  Don’t just pray for them from a distance, but personally contact them.  


Regardless of your views, one thing is certain.  Covid has affected everyone in some way.  Hopefully, your neighborly concern will open an opportunity to share the gospel.  We are certainly seeking to do that corporately on a weekly basis through our Sunday afternoon outreach.  Teams are going out with the mission of meeting our (the church’s) neighbors and sharing the gospel.  To borrow a phrase from a popular insurance company-


“Like a good neighbor, DeSoto Hills is there.”


Let’s make that more than just a slogan; let’s make it our strategy for 2022.

Bro. James