Who could have imagined a year ago how something so small could continue to have such a major impact on every aspect of our daily lives.  I must confess that for me, the past nine months have been some of the most challenging of my 43 years of pastoral ministry.   For someone who loves being a closeup and personal kind of pastor - this back off and distant style of ministry can be very frustrating. 


However, in this, as in so many other things, we are learning to adapt.  I am grateful that we have returned to a somewhat normal schedule on Sunday mornings (minus the coffee).  We continue to weigh our options in deciding when and how to move to the next phase of our comeback plan as 2021 approaches.


Due to our concerns over the spread of the coronavirus, we decided it would not be feasible to proceed with two of our much-loved Christmas events this holiday season.  Therefore, we decided to cancel Carols by Candlelight, as well as our Country Christmas celebration. 


However, we are NOT in any form or fashion canceling Christmas at DHBC.  Singer/songwriter Mark Schultz will be bringing us some CHRISTMAS CHEER on Sunday morning, December 13.  Then on Sunday night, December 20, we will be airing last year’s Country Christmas celebration on the web.  You will have to provide your own biscuits. We will top off the season with a virtual concert and worship experience with Christy Nockels on Christmas Eve, December 24.


This virus may alter our movements this Christmas season, but it does not change our message.  Glad tidings, great joy, and good news is still the heartbeat of the most wonderful time of the year.


Bro. James