The Shepherd's Nook,

Thank you once again for your cooperation as we deal with things being vastly different in the MPC during renovation.  I was a bit amused last week as so many of you scoped out the seating situation and managed to find a seat that kind of felt like your regular spot.  I was also reminded that although the arrangement was different, our agenda was the same.  We came to:

                                    …Lift Up – Worship

                                    …Listen Up – Discipleship

                                    …Love Up – Fellowship


I look forward to watching the transformation that will take place over the next few weeks and how exciting it will be to turn back north when the updated stage area is completed. 


I recently read a quote pertaining to worship that impacted me.  I thought it was truly worth passing on to you.


            God is neither the better if thou praise Him,

              nor the worse if thou disparage Him;

              but thou, by praising Him that is good,

              art the better; by disparaging thou art the worst,

              for He remaineth good as He is.

                                                           --- St. Augustine

Food for thought, 

Bro. James