SUMmer book series

Starts: May 11

Times: 6-6:45 p,m.

Cost: $18

Books can be purchased at the Welcome Center desk. 


Last weekend I traveled north of Nashville to attend the Saturday afternoon wedding of my great niece.  I enjoyed just being part of the crowd, not to mention having a little time to spend with my family.   Needing to get back home for Sunday services, I didn’t hang around for the reception.   On top of that, VBS was starting Monday.  

The weather was nice, so I cranked down the window, set my cruise control to an acceptable speed, and headed towards Southaven.  Although I certainly didn’t need it to find my way home, I decided to engage the GPS on my phone just for kicks.  It does seem to help break up the mundaneness of a trip you’ve taken many times as it occasionally “talks” to you.  

I am especially amused when it is trying to tell me to go one way when I know from experience that’s not the best route to take.  Nearing Memphis I was able to exit I-40 and take the new I-269, which eventually leads to Getwell Road.  The interesting new thing about this particular journey was when I crossed the state line, the lovely GPS voice said, “Welcome to Mississippi.”

I knew that I was almost home, but to hear that voice affirm it was just the encouragement I needed to keep on keeping on.  I was on the right road, in the right state, and headed in the right direction.  Home was drawing ever nearer! 

It reminded me that one day - by His grace, we will cross the great divide and get to be with Him forever and ever.  We will be welcomed home! 

What a day that will be!

James Lewis


Join me today in welcoming Dr. Ronald Meeks, head of Biblical Studies at Blue Mountain College, back to DeSoto Hills.  It’s always a blessing to have him share the Word with us.  

Also, continue to pray for all the messengers who will be attending the Southern Baptist Convention next week in Anaheim.