I have some big, BIG, BIG  news.  We are resuming Drive-Thru Meals starting Wednesday, September 9, from 4:30 to 6:00 PM.  Due to the nature of how we are doing this, everyone MUST sign up each week (no permanent list) on Monday by 10 AM.  We will be unable to take reservations after that time.  As usual, the cost is $5, with a cap of $20 per family.  We are excited to resume at least this aspect of our Mid-Week schedule.   The staff is looking forward to another opportunity to just say “hey” in the middle of the week.  If you know of some folks that might benefit from this, but can’t get out, you might consider providing your very own “Meals on Wheels” ministry to them.  


As most of you know, we are also preparing to resume Sunday School for preschoolers, children, and students beginning September 13.  As we looked at our comeback plan, it was apparent this needed to be our next step.  Hopefully, our slow and steady pace in returning will lessen the likelihood of us is experiencing some kind of outbreak that might force us to stop all “in person” activities. 


I am so grateful for our online presence, but being on campus is certainly best, if possible.  Hopefully, we can move to the next phase in the very near future. 


Stay tuned,

James Lewis